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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Great Deals‬ E Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire Introduction The EIQ16 measures aspects of your emotional intelligence by asking you questions about your understanding of emotions and feelings as well as your attitudes and reactions in various situations. Groups of questions relate to different aspects of emotional intelligence called emotional

This self-assessment questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about the various competences of emotional intelligence as they apply to you. Daniel Goleman first brought 'emotional intelligence' to a wide audience with his 1995 book of that name. He found that while the qualities traditionally associated with leadership such as intelligence Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire. Anjelli Salili. To find out how emotionally intelligent you are, answer the items from sections A and B from a scale of 1 (low agreement) to 5 (high agreement).Once you have completed each section. Tally your scores in section C Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) Gewinnen Sie mit dem TEIQue von Thomas ein Verständnis für die emotionale Intelligenz Ihrer Mitarbeiter, um Ihre zukünftigen Führungskräfte zu entwickeln. Das Verhalten Ihrer Mitarbeiter verstehen Kandidaten mit wirkungsvollen Kommunikationsfähigkeiten einstelle 3. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) The TEIQue was developed by Dr. K. V. Petrides and is available free of charge for academic and clinical research (CREIO, 2018). The full-form consists of 153 items, measuring 15 distinct facets, 4 factors and global trait EI. The short-form is a 30-item test that measures global trait EI which was developed from the full-form TEIQue (CREIO, 2018)

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The instrument measures EQ, four key branches of emotional intelligence, and 16 emotional competencies. The 136-item questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete. The EIQ16 uses the Standard Ten (Sten) scoring system. The EIQ16 report provides an in-depth profile of the test taker's emotional intelligence level, style, and competencies along with performance improvement tips and suggestions. The instrument's 16 scales measure the following emotional abilities and skills What is emotional intelligence? Does being emotionally intelligent mean being motivated to do everything, having high self-esteem or excessive optimism? The answer is no. According to some, being emotionally intelligent means possessing a varied repertoire of attributes

(EI) Emotional intelligence questionnaire Leadership Dimensions Leading with care Connecting our service Sharing the vision This self-assessment questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about the various competences of emotional intelligence as they apply to you Trait emotional intelligence questionnaire. The scale comprises four subscales first self-control which comprised of items 4, 7, 15, 19. 22, 30 second emotionality containing items l.2, 8, 13,16, 17, 23, 28 then sociability having items 6. 10,1121, 25 ,26 and well-being consisting items 5,9, 12, 20, 24 and 27 The emotional intelligence questionnaire employs modern item response theory (IRT) psychometric modelling, the latest research findings in the field of behavioural assessment. It is designed to accurately measure the traits which underpin emotional intelligence, both fairly and accurately, all while providing an exceptional candidate experience. Modern adaptive tests for the digital age.

The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ), developed by Prof Victor Dulewicz and Prof Malcolm Higgs, helps assess and develop individuals levels of emotional intelligence across 7 key domains: Self-awareness, Emotional Resilience, Motivation, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Influence, Intuitiveness and Conscientious. It gives you the key to data that has the ability to predict their possible. 5 of the Most Popular Questions on Emotional Intelligence, Answered. Emotions are beautiful--they make us human. But they can also lead to major regrets if we allow them to control us. Shape. By. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) gives your people the edge they need to perform in today's complex business environment. Detailed Reports Understand a person's strengths and limitations, how they react under pressure, how well they develop new relationships and how self-motivated and adaptable they are. No right or wrong answers There is no right or wrong way of.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. Coined in the 1960s, emotional intelligence reached the public consciousness with Daniel Goleman's 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence - Why it can matter more than IQ. While the book has been criticized by the scientific community. These emotional intelligence related questions help to determine the social status of the candidate and that would be their social communication skills. These social communication skills consist of all the emotional factors such as candidates' interest, hobbies, punctuality and much more. 1. What kind of role interests you? With this kind of question, the employer is trying to understand the. Try to answer the emotional intelligence questionnaire in this article to be assured that your way to becoming a good parent is effective and fruitful. Raising a child to be emotionally intelligent is not an easy task. You need a lot of application, determination, diligence, perseverance and above all the desire to instill such an education. Keep in mind that you also need to learn not just.

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(EI) Emotional intelligence questionnaire Leadership Dimensions Leading with care Connecting our service Sharing the vision This self-assessment questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about the various competences of emotional intelligence as they apply to you. Daniel Goleman first brought 'emotional intelligence' to a wide audience with his 1995 book of that name. He found that. The emotional intelligence self assessment questionnaire (EISAQ) is a 20 item questionnaire. Items are scored on a 1-5 scale, with the total scale score calculated as a sum of the items. Some items are on reverse scoring for example, a score of 1 will now be a score of 5. A higher score suggests advanced emotional intelligence

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  1. This emotional intelligence test will evaluate several aspects of your emotional intelligence and will suggest ways to improve it. Please be honest and answer according to what you really do, feel.
  2. Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue). Long Form and Short Forms. Petrides and Furnham Cited in more than 2,000 articles: TEIQue-Long Form The TEIQue is based on trait EI theory, which conceptualizes emotional intelligence as a personality trait. It has also been described as emotional self-efficacy. Unlike Schutte et al.'s measure, it did not originally aim to measure.
  3. ed (1) controlling attention to, and (2) cognitively changing the meaning of, emotionally evocative.
  4. Once you recognize some of the key signs of low emotional intelligence, you can explore different ways to improve your emotional skills. If you feel that you are low on emotional intelligence, try to actively identify your own emotions and the emotions of those around you. Taking a class to improve your communication skills can also be helpful
  5. Emotional intelligence interview questions help hiring managers and recruiters assess EQ in job candidates as part of the interview process. Selecting the right EQ interview questions can be a key factor in finding the best employees who'll fit in the company culture. Why test candidates for emotional intelligence . High levels of Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ) play an.
  6. Test your skills on Emotional Intelligence, try MCQ on Emotional Intelligence at work, owning your emotions, applying EI etc. Try Now & get certified

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The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Tests (MSCEITs) are our laboratory's measures of emotional intelligence. The tests measure emotional intelligence as an ability. The adult version, known simply as the MSCEIT, consists of 141 questions with correct answers identified by emotions experts. The MSCEIT also comes in a Youth Research. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire exists in a long form and a short form. TEIQUE-LF consists of a 153-item self-report using 15 subscales and requires 25 minutes to complete. TEIQue-SF consists of a 30-term questionnaire . Respondents use a 7-point scale for the items. There are also several other forms for adolescents (TEIQue-AF) and for children (TEIQue-CF). See short-form. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE QUESTIONNAIRE self assessment SELF-MOTIVATION Achievement Drive: Striving to improve or meet a standard of excellence. 1 I am results-oriented, with a high drive to meet objectives an The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) developed by K.V. Petrides; The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0), originally authored by Reuven Bar-On and known as the Bar-On EQ-i. Available via MHS; The Trait/Mixed measure approach is perhaps best suited to the determination of underlying causes of problematic behavior or social and emotional functioning. This is due to the. Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) 2009, von K.V. Petrides, Kurzformen ab 15 Items) zur Messung emotionaler Intelligenz (EI) oder emotionaler Kompetenz (EK). Petrides unterscheidet Trait-EI (Fragebogenerhebung) von Ability-EI (Leistungstesterhebung). Es werden 15 Facetten erhoben: emotion expression (emot. Expressivität), empathy , self-motivation (intrinsische Motivation.

Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a hidden aspect of your personality, like the part of an iceberg that's underwater. It's foundational to your life and key to your success in life and relationships. Surprisingly, it's actually more important to your well-being and effectiveness than your IQ. The great thing about EQ is that it can be improved if we work on it. Here's an Emotional. The aim of this study was to validate the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue v. 1.5) in a Lebanese sample and compare its factorial structure to that of a UK sample. There were similar gender and age distributions in both samples as well as satisfactory structural reliabilities at the global, factor, and facet levels. Results from exploratory factor analysis showed a four. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) is a world leading and best-selling suite of personality assessments. It has been translated into over 20 languages and is used globally for commercial, research, and self-development purposes

Emotional intelligence or EI is the ability to recognize, evaluate, and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. How Is Emotional Intelligence Measured? Emotional intelligence is measured by an assessment test or through interview questions. The questions asked display how a candidate communicates with colleagues, manages staff, deals with customers, and works in a team setting. Please note: This questionnaire is by no means an exhaustive measure of your emotional intelligence both because of its length and the fact that it is self-scoring. For a more complete and accurate picture of emotional intelligence, various online assessments can be purchased. 3 The Quick Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment *Adapted for the San Diego City College MESA Program Rank each. The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (based on Goleman 1998) Instructions Consider each statement in turn. Use the 1 to 5 scale to indicate the extent to which you think the statement applies to you, where: 1 = this statement applies to a very small extent or only infrequently. 5 = this statement applies to a very great extent or very often. Section 1: Self-awareness Self-awareness is. Our emotional intelligence quiz is composed of twenty questions covering your emotional reactions and responses. Additionally, you are given situations you may encounter in your personal and professional life and choices of ways to handle them. Make sure you answer completely and honestly. When you add up your score, you will find out how emotionally intelligent you are. Then you will be able.

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Using the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, researchers hypothesised that (a) social sciences would score higher than technical studies in Emotionality, (b) arts would score higher than technical studies in Emotionality, (c) arts would score lower than technical studies in Self-control, and (d) there would be an interaction between gender and faculty, whereby female students would. Emotional intelligence (EI), emotional quotient (EQ) and emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ), is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and adjust emotions to adapt to environments The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) The TEIQue is predicated on trait EI theory, which conceptualises emotional intelligence as a personality trait, located at the lower levels of personality hierarchies (Petrides, Pita, & Kokkinaki, 2007). Steps in the Construction of the TEIQu Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) The Spanish version of the TEIQue was used in this research (Petrides, 2009). The TEIQue full-form (Petrides, 2009) contains 153 items, 15 subscales, and four factors. The four factors are well-being (e.g., On the whole, I'm pleased with my life), self-control (e.g., Others admire me for being relaxed.), emotionality (e.g., I. The Emotional Intelligence profile arises from a self-report questionnaire and must be interpreted in the light of corroborating evidence gained from feedback and in the context of the role in question taking into account available data such as performance appraisals, actual experience, motivation, interests, values, abilities and skills. As such the authors and distributors cannot accept.

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  1. Emotional intelligence is the latest parameter which has taken a toll over the recruitment process lately. Although, it has been around the corner for quite some time now, but off late the managers/recruiters have started giving it quite a lot of importance while hiring new candidates or at the time of promotion of the existing candidates
  2. Emotional Intelligence in action. Our expertise in designing and delivering EI based development programs receives outstanding client feedback time-and-time again. For example, together with our client Seasalt, we recently developed its Leading People Program, entirely underpinned by Emotional Intelligence (EI). This program has so far helped over 40 senior leaders and the Leading People.
  3. et, Cecile Leroy, Emmanuel Roy. Affiliation 1 Department of Psychology, Universite catholique de Louvain.
  4. One of the more comprehensive and widely researched measures of this construct is the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue), which was specifically designed to measure the construct comprehensively and is available in many languages. The TEIQue provides an operationalization for the model of Petrides and colleagues that conceptualizes EI in terms of personality. The test.
  5. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand and influence your own and others' emotions. By increasing your emotional intelligence you will be better equipped to guide your thinking and actions and be better prepared to achieve your goals. This article takes a critical look at the different models used for measuring emotional intelligence, the current state of research in.
  6. This report describes competencies key to the development of Emotional Intelligence or EI which can be defined as how well we understand our own feelings and emotions as well as those of others, and how well we manage our relationships with others. The report is based on your responses to OPQ32 that, along with all self-report questionnaires, is not infallible and the accuracy of this report.

Emotional intelligence questionnaire, emotional intelligence quotient questionnaire, your social impairment in. Vital aspect of intelligence quotient or emotional reactions and personal, false if you agree to. Being easy form has spoken across all become more emotional intelligence and math skills in some inventories use on. The questionnaire by making a meeting or consistency from. With regard to emotional intelligence, Daniel Goldman was not the first to articulate the concept. However, in the double role of psychologist and journalist, Goleman made the elements of emotional intelligence accessible to broad segments of society. His best-selling books — beginning with Emotional Intelligence(1995) — have already changed how some businesses interact with clients. SEI 360 multi-rater emotional intelligence behavioral assessment for a compelling picture of how one's EQ is coming across to various constituent groups Social Emotional Learning SEI youth self-assessment offers the same robust insight as the adult SEI — and is the only youth EQ assessment with the SAME model as an adult tool, providing a framework across the age span EIQ16 Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire 1. EMOTIONALINTELLIGENCEQUESTIONNAIRETalent Assessment and Development Turn on your soun


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  1. Overview. Thomas Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) is an emotional intelligence assessment that provides insight into how candidates deal with their emotions, respond to work pressure and manage relationships, as well as how effectively they are able to judge other people's feelings and how they use this knowledge to develop and maintain good relations
  2. Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (Managerial) Author of Original Test: V. Dulewicz and M. Higgs: Local test distributor / publisher: GL Assessment: Date of Current Review: 2003: Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition: 03 Feb 2009: Type of Test: Personality - Trait: Main Area of Use: Work and Occupational : Constructs Measured: Emotional intelligence measured through; Self.
  3. ate between different feelings and label them appropriately
  4. It's quiz time with David Mitchell! Time to test your emotional intelligence! ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSEDLIKE David Mitchell on Facebook @ http://on.fb.me/davidmi..
  5. Validity of the trait emotional intelligence questionnaire in sports and its links with performance satisfaction. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 15 (2014), pp. 481-490, 10.1016/j.psychsport.2014.05.001. Article Download PDF View Record in Scopus Google Scholar. Laborde et al., 2015a. S. Laborde, F. Dosseville, M.S. Allen. Emotional intelligence in sport and exercise: A systematic review.

Emotional intelligence (also referred to as EQ for emotional quotient) is a rising necessity in the workplace. In fact, one survey by CareerBuilder reported that 71 percent of employers value emotional intelligence in an employee over IQ, while 75 percent are more likely to promote an employee with higher EQ over someone with higher IQ Emotional intelligence is. the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they're telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you. It also involves your perception of others: when you understand how they feel, this allows you to manage relationships more effectively. Free Positive Leadership Toolkit . Learn to motivate and inspire your team with this FREE toolkit.

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The question of whether emotional intelligence can be learned, it turns out, is not a simple one to answer. In articles and books on the topic, there are these claims that IQ is fixed, but EQ can be learned. Very few people question that assumption, says Dr. David Caruso, a management psychologist and research associate with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Questionnaire Take a moment to analyze yourself objectively, answering each question as honestly as you can. The scoring is calculated individually for each component, and there are four components. The four components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are self awareness, social awareness, self management, and relationship management. By adding the point value of each. This Emotional Intelligence Test is designed to evaluate your EQ - the ability to perceive, understand, use and maintain your emotions. The free online quiz is based on the emotional intelligence main criteria such as self-awareness, management of negative emotions and impulses, good social skills, ability to express empathy, and maintenance of motivation The basics of Emotional Intelligence (EI) include:1. Knowing your feelings and using them to make life decisions you can live with. 2. Being able to manage your emotional life without being hijacked by it - not being paralyzed by depression or worry, or swept away by anger. 3. Persisting in the face of setbacks and channelling your impulses in order to pursue your goals. 4. Empathy.

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  1. ­ Emotional intelligence does not concern other people ­ Emotional intelligence is developed ­ One needs formal schooling to have emotional intelligence OK Question Title * 14. Which of these will help in developing and demonstrating empathy at work?.
  2. This assessment helps you test your personality through the level of emotional intelligence. It comprises of 24 questions that refer to the way you control your emotions, what coping mechanisms to stress you have and also the way you interact with other people. Please note that this form is totally different from the well known IQ test which tests the intelligence. This reveals the emotional.
  3. ars to develop in those areas. (Adapted from Emily A. Sterrett, Ph. D., in The Manager's Pocket Guide to Emotional Intelligence, 2000, HRD Press: Amherst, MA and from The Handbook of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership by Daniel E.

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The MSCEIT has been developed and refined based on more than a decade of study and research on emotional intelligence (Mayer, Salovery, & Caruso, 2004). Evidence based on response processes No information is available in the references reviewed. Evidence based on internal structure Factor analysis supports one, two, and four factor solutions (corresponding to the overall score, area score, and. Emotional Intelligence (mixed and trait), Meta-cognition, Motivation, goal orientation and perseverance: Key stages : Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5: Subscales: Avoidance-oriented self-regulation; Performance-oriented self-regulation; Negative self-regulation of stress; Positive self-regulation of motivation; Process oriented self-regulation: Description: This instrument contains 20. Success Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ3D) is an innovative online assessment of emotional intelligence, rigorously developed and based on a comprehensive model of emotional intelligence. The User's Guide has been developed to support users at all stages of their work with the EIQ3D. This section of the User's Guide starts with an.

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Another style of emotional intelligence test questions focuses on facial expressions: How much is each feeling in the list below expressed by this face? Happiness (1-5) Sadness (1-5) Fear (1-5) Anger (1-5) Disgust (1-5) Here you need to analyse the facial expression to identify the correct emotion and the intensity of the emotion on a scale of 1 to 5. The Challenge with Emotional Intelligence. emotional intelligence is described, and other capabilities are related to EQ, such as altruism, assessment tool composed of 33 questions and based on self-reporting (Schutte et al, 1998). Social Intelligence: A construct similar to emotional intelligence that involves the ability to understand and act on an understanding of a social situation. Background and Literature The concept of. Many self-assessments have been created to evaluate Emotional Intelligence but one of the most effective ways to measure it is by collecting feedback from others through a 360-degree feedback survey. The 360-degree feedback process has always been used to increase self-awareness, but with the addition of a few questions, it can evaluate other specific components of Emotional Intelligence

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Welcome to the Emotional Quotient (EQ) test prepared by the UCM Teaching & Research Center. This test includes 30 questions, divided into 10 categories, ranging from very easy to more advanced, and will give you an overall, global view of your emotional intelligence level. For more meaningful results, it is recommended that you answer the question as spontaneously as possible, without trying. Emotion research would benefit from a self-report measure that assesses both discrete emotions and broad dimensions, takes into account the time-course of emotional experience, and distinguishes emotional reactivity and regulation. The present study describes the development and psychometric properties of the Multidimensional Emotion Questionnaire (MEQ), which was designed to address these needs Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT V2.0; Pronounced Mes-keet; Mayer, et al., 1999, 2000, 2002a, 2002b) is the result of this theoretical and empirical research. The MSCEIT is based on an . ability model of emotional intelligence. The MSCEIT is designed to attain one overall Emotional Intelligence score, two area scores, and four branch scores. The scores are reported as emotional.

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The trait emotional intelligence questionnaire (TEIQue) was tested and validated using a sample of 352 German-speaking participants. A detailed psychometric analysis provided evidence in support of the reliability of the TEIQue (at the facet, factor and global levels) and the robustness of its proposed four-factor structure measurement, and validity questions surrounding the construct (Joseph & Newman, 2010, p. 54). 1. EI= emotional intelligence (Anmerkung der Autorin) Danksagung iii Danksagung Auf dem langen Weg bis zur Vollendung meiner Dissertation wurde ich durch viele Menschen unterstützt. Ihnen allen gilt mein großer Dank. Einigen Personen möchte ich an dieser Stelle namentlich danken: Herzlichen.

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The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue; Petrides, 2009), on the other hand, has been purposefully developed to comprehensively operationalize the construct in question. This 153-item inventory thus assesses all of the above listed trait EI components, yielding an appropriate number of scores at the facet, factor and whole-scale level (i.e., 15-4-1). The TEIQue (including. Emotionally intelligent people are defined in part as those who regulate their emotions according to a logically consistent model of emotional functioning. Emotional intelligence allows employee to think more creatively and use his emotions to solve problems. Daniel Goleman believes that emotional intelligence appears to be an important set of psychological abilities that relates to work life. This article aims to investigate the reliability and validity of the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire-Adolescent Short Form (TEIQue-ASF) score in a sample of 440 Greek adolescents. The instrument's score demonstrated good internal consistency and was significantly correlated with core self-evaluations as well with somatic complaints, self-report psychopathology, and personal. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire was developed at UCL in 2001 as a measurement tool for trait emotional intelligence theory. It is used worldwide by businesses and other organisations to improve performance and develop staff. Over the years, it has helped enhance the mental health and wellbeing of thousands of individuals. Dr Dino Petrides (London Psychometric Laboratory - UCL.

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After all the research done in the field of emotional intelligence by Peter Salovey, John Mayer, David Goleman, and Konstantin Vasily Petrides, they have come up with three main models of emotional intelligence. These include the ability model, the mixed model, and the trait model. We focus most on David Goleman's Mixed Model. Ability Model Mixed Model Trait Model: This model was developed by. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) is a scientific measurement instrument based exclusively on trait EI theory and providing a comprehensive assessment of the emotional world of the individual. The TEIQue-ASF is a simplified version, in terms of wording and syntactic complexity, of the adult short form of the TEIQue The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire exists in a long form and a short form. TEIQUE-LF consists of a 153-item self-report using 15 subscales and requires 25 minutes to complete. TEIQue-SF consists of a 30-tem questionnaire. Respondents use a 7-point scale for the items. There are also several other forms for adolescents (TEIQue-AF) and for children (TEIQue-CF). Authors Petrides.

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Emotional intelligence questions are often asked in various competitive exams such as SSC CGL (combined graduate level), SSC CHSL (higher secondary level), SSC MTS, RRB JE, RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, etc. Mastering the skill of emotional intelligence will not only lead to your personal growth, but it can also be a major reason for your success in competitive exams Emotional Intelligence is not always widely accepted in the research community. Goleman's model of EI, for instance, has been criticized in the research literature as being merely pop psychology. However, EI is still considered by many to be a useful framework especially for businesses. Additional Resources and References . Resources. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than. Emotional Intelligence can be defined as the ability to identify, consider and control emotions in oneself and to recognize them in others, brought on by a combination of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. The EQ EBS 2 Meet the Authors: Dr. Travis Bradberry and Dr. Jean Greaves are known for their leading the field of emotional intelligence. They. Some people are born with the gift of emotional intelligence, but others have to learn it. The ability to know yourself and understand the emotions of others can have a positive impact on your life Emotional Intelligence Test. EQ reflects a person's ability to empathize with others: identify, evaluate, control and express emotions ones own emotions; perceive, and assess others' emotions; use emotions to facilitate thinking, understand emotional meanings. Please answer the questions honestly. Nobody will see your answer

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